Why does couples get divorce

Couples get divorce, because they have problems in their relationship, like cheating, lack of communication and financial issues. Sometime couple cheat on each other because they want to. Even though some husband don’t care, they would move to the next woman and eventually their wives would go crazy on them. They see different women with different shape and sizes than there wives, eventually it pushes them to go out an cheat on their wives. The same goes for the women they cheat too. Literally couples get divorce by having children by other people. Couple get married for money, health insurance or if they’re really in love. Couples get divorce being in domestic violence, being verbally, mentally, emotionally and physically abuse that isn’t love. Never stay in situation like this, it’s very stressful on you and the kids. Get out as fast as you can, stay with family, domestic violence shelters or call the hotline for help..most importantly call the police. Overall people get divorce for many reason.

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