Gabrielle Union Need more wine/Book review

                                  At first this book started off slow in the beginning of the chapter. In the mean time I started reading through the book it became interested.  I read about how a girl from Gabrielle school wanted to fight her over a guy that left her friend to be with Gabrielle Union. Gabrielle Union and her sister found out about their dad seeing another woman. The funny thing about it she look just like her mom. Their family was devastated at first but life goes on. Gabrielle Union talked about all her miscarriages and the reason why she miscarried. Gabrielle Union also talked about losing one of her closes friend to cancer. Hearing what Gabrielle Union friend went through and her passing brought tears to my eyes. This was an interesting book. Her book will rate a nine cause it started off slow at the beginning but you will enjoy this book, you won’t be able to put down once you start.

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